HE President Mnangagwa installs Chief Maduna

HE President Mnangagwa installs Chief Maduna

His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa, on 15 April 2023, presided over the installation of Dambisamahubo Mafu as Chief Maduna, at Dekezi High School, Insiza District, Matabeleland South Province. Dambisamahubo Mafu was appointed as substantive Chief Maduna, following the death of his father Vezi Maduna Mafu in 2021.

The appointment was made in terms of section 283(a)(i) and b of the Constitution of Zimbabwe as read with section 3(1) and (2) of the Traditional Leaders Act [Chapter 29:17].

The Maduna Chieftainship is passed down from father to the eldest son. It derives its roots from the Nguni tribe who migrated from South Africa in the 1850s, led by Dambisamahubo Mafu the great-great grandfather of Chief Maduna as the Godlwayo Regiment Leader.

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