• Develop policy and legal framework that promotes growth of a modern and vibrant information and broadcasting industry;
  • Develop and project a national view point;
  • Bridge the rural-urban , North-South information divide;
  • Articulate and promote Government policies and programmes;
  • Facilitate a two way communication between Government and citizenry;
  • Build a good image of the country;
  • Develop a diverse and plural media industry for Zimbabwe
  • Celebrate Zimbabwe’s cultural achievements and values

Our Mission

Moulding lasting national consciousness that defends, upholds and promotes Zimbabwe’s founding values, identity, and its interests worldwide through a modern, diverse, and participatory information and communication industry accessible to citizens and the world, using the best business practices and technological means.

Acts And Regulations Administered By The Ministry

Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act

(Chapter 10:27)

Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (Commercialisation)

( Act no. 26 of 2001)

Broadcasting Services Act

(Chapter 10:01)

Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (Act assumption)

(Act No.11 of 2004)